What Makes a Successful Website

I have been in this exiting website development of blog / website  since few years but did i not make a substantial headway so far. It is hard to create a successful blog / website because development is a process of learning. Many aspirants will be constantly trying to develop better blog / websites. Understanding what visitors want is a paramount task.

Selecting quality content and niche topic is the first step to success on the internet. Name any topic and it is on the internet. So choosing an interesting topic that attracts more visitors or choosing a common topic that visitors want is the second step to success  To give useful original  information to visitors without compromising on quality content with useful links from other experts and real time news on the topic is the third step to success.

 Having said that content is the first step that matters let me start with what hurdles I faced to have hands on Quality Content and why I was not successful.

Tagline: Content is the first step for a successful website


About sangamkr
I am a post graduate M.Sc. from an Indian University. An active Forex Trader and habitual web designer. I like to extensively search web for useful information on virtually any topic to be shared with friends and visitors. I have a small website globalinfoonline.com. Trying hard to make a wisdom website in future.

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