A better website

To develop a better website One must analyse the mistakes he made in his own development.

The mistakes I made in developing a website

1. Developing on too many keywords

2. Developing website on popular keywords like health,travel

3. Developing website on high paying keywords

4. Thinking that I have extensively used the keywords in my website. But too many keywords and very general website.

When I was reading my website content first time I felt it is extremely fine. When I read it for second time I the content did not attract me. After repeated reading I find my  website does not have content that attracts the visitors. Even if the website content is truthful and original, I find hundreds of other websites have the same content and the people who developed it are  authorized to produce that content – Like doctors and hospital professional developing health pages, travel enthusiasts developing travel pages.

From my experience I concluded that the best website should be

1. on one keyword

2. personal experience on the subject

3. subject in which most section of people are interested. Example: Instead of developing a webpage on diseases better develop pages on personal or gathered experiences on diseases from friends and relatives.

4.Now a days better a blog than a website or a website with blog pages included.


About sangamkr
I am a post graduate M.Sc. from an Indian University. An active Forex Trader and habitual web designer. I like to extensively search web for useful information on virtually any topic to be shared with friends and visitors. I have a small website globalinfoonline.com. Trying hard to make a wisdom website in future.

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