Ad Sense Vs Web Design

Every website wish to earn money though their webpages and many choose Ad Sense Network as their best choice. Ad Sense is so popular because

1. It recognizes page content and supply ads.

2. If a webpage search a for a keyword on a page it immediately displace related ad blocks  to that webpage.

3. It pays well

4. It is easy to install and monitor

There no substitute ad network that suits exactly Ad Sense.

But getting approved for an Ad Sense account is tough. Understand their policy and webmaster guide lines for a quality content pages  before applying for Ad Sense account. Here are few tips.

1. Ad Sense rejects pages on Forex

2. Pages that has only links that lead off site, are not going to be considered as content. 

3.  Ad Sense also no longer approves sites with a lot of SEO/Internet/Tech/etc. 



About sangamkr
I am a post graduate M.Sc. from an Indian University. An active Forex Trader and habitual web designer. I like to extensively search web for useful information on virtually any topic to be shared with friends and visitors. I have a small website Trying hard to make a wisdom website in future.

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