Back Links Explained

What is back link?

If you write an article to a  website like E zine Articles get published  and if your article links to your website  it  a back link to your site or blog. If the number of people read your article and click your website or blog link you get back link. But the article you write must be relevant to your blog or site and it must have high quality content for visitors to read.

What is the purpose of back links?

1. Back links will enhance the chances of generic page rank on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ).

2. Back Links will enhance direct traffic to your website by clicking the link.

But Google may not encourage article marketing for ranking if the content of the article  and.or the website where it is published is irrelevant to the content of your website. If you want to get professional back links consider the following points

Write content with the view of visitor but not for search engine.Read the content for yourself as a reader and confirm that the content is useful.forget search engine optimization or think that there is no search engine and develop content for pages.Remember search engine will not waste time ranking a non productive blog content/site content and if the back link source is not recognizable by search engine why a back link from that site? So search for productive websites, blogs, article sites, forums, social media for relevant topic of your blog or site and get back links. More back links are explained at


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I am a post graduate M.Sc. from an Indian University. An active Forex Trader and habitual web designer. I like to extensively search web for useful information on virtually any topic to be shared with friends and visitors. I have a small website Trying hard to make a wisdom website in future.

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