Why a Blog or Website?

Why a Blog ?

There are many reasons why people develop blogs .

  1. With the invent of internet, promoting products and services became easy. The business can reach the targeted audience around the world. With online shopping carts and payment gateways a product can be sold from any where and can be purchased from everywhere. To do this one has to have a  blog.
  2. Some develop blogs to express themselves and share their ideas with others. They can meet with like minded people on blogs and share their views. They can plug the blogs to Social Media and increase their audience.
  3.  There are so many technical blogs that share technical know how. Many independent writers contribute posting to the high tech blogs and it helps online visitors.
  4.   But all these people want to make money from their blogs. Blogs with high ranking on search results earn money in many ways.
    • By sponsored blogging. Writing blog reviews on others products and services.
    • Promoting affiliate links
    • Selling ad space on their blogs

But have patience. This will not happen ina day or month. If you are consistent and work hard you reap the fruit.


Back Links Explained

What is back link?

If you write an article to a  website like E zine Articles get published  and if your article links to your website  it  a back link to your site or blog. If the number of people read your article and click your website or blog link you get back link. But the article you write must be relevant to your blog or site and it must have high quality content for visitors to read.

What is the purpose of back links?

1. Back links will enhance the chances of generic page rank on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ).

2. Back Links will enhance direct traffic to your website by clicking the link.

But Google may not encourage article marketing for ranking if the content of the article  and.or the website where it is published is irrelevant to the content of your website. If you want to get professional back links consider the following points

Write content with the view of visitor but not for search engine.Read the content for yourself as a reader and confirm that the content is useful.forget search engine optimization or think that there is no search engine and develop content for pages.Remember search engine will not waste time ranking a non productive blog content/site content and if the back link source is not recognizable by search engine why a back link from that site? So search for productive websites, blogs, article sites, forums, social media for relevant topic of your blog or site and get back links. More back links are explained at http://globalinfoonline.com/backlinks.htm

First Set of Tips to Create a Wonderful Blog

1. Select a keyword that every one wants.

Do a search on the topics people are interested in. You can  divide the topics as most interested, most wanted, most knowledgeable,most common,highly specific. Let me give few examples for the above calcification.

Most Interested: website design,blog design,making money with websites/blogs

Most Wanted: jobs,education

Most Common:family issues,health issues,home decor

Highly Specific: research papers on robotics, High tech Info.

Highly Knowledgeable: topics on self realization,what is life

These classification are indicative and may differ from persons prospective.

2. Select a domain name that nearly suits your keyword. This is important because search engines can will index this name for search results

3, Develop webpages or webpage or blog posts with this keyword with quality and original  content. Each website or web page or blog post must be of  limited length and informative.

4. Take a web hosting service  to promote your website / blog to the public.

5. Promote you blog /website .

promoting the blog / website is very vital because it gets you traffic, popularity and income. Be choosy in promotion methods. Follow these tips to promote the hosted web site or blog,

1. Submit to search engines: Google/Bing/AOL/Lycos/Dmoz

2. Submit to article websites: E zine Articles /Yahoo Contributor Services /e how

write articles to these websites with your blog /website link. When visitors see your article you get traffic.

3. Join Face Book / Twitter (Social Networks ) and create your bio.

Interlink all these account so if you do a blog post it will be automatically appear in face book, twitter.


Follow these steps initially. Be patient. Remember that Rome is not built in one Day. There are many more steps. Do not try  to do all at a time. One at a time. Remember, if you start blogging write one post a day. Do not miss. Over a period of time you will reach your cherished goal