YouTube Extends Revenue Sharing Program To Anyone With A Viral Video

As a blogger I want monetize my blog when ever or where ever possible. I was trying trying the possibility with YouTube and the answer is ‘no’ as an account holder. Subscribing to other videos and embedding them on my blog will not help to increase my blog revenue. Still a good article to read and understand.


Authentic happiness: what the ancient Greeks can tell us

Better Health For All

Ancient Greek philosophers can teach us a considerable amount about living a fulfilled life, according to several speakers at the wellbeing workshop at the FPH conference in 2012.

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, Chair of Public Health at the University of Warwick, began the debate by looking at how different traditions define wellbeing. Her starting point was that Descartes was wrong – and the mind and body are very much connected.

The Greek traditions of Aristole and other philosophers, along with the Eastern belief systems of Buddism, Hinduism and Islam all offer differing perspectives on wellbeing.  Aristotle  framed wellbeing as being about our responsibility to live in a way that allows us to flourish. For this to happen, we need positive relations with others, confidence self-acceptance  and autonomy and we need to feel that we can influence our environment. Dr Martin Seligmann, founder of positive psychology, says wellbeing is about authentic happiness…

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Which is the best Blogging Platform

I choose as my blogging platform and I do not know whether I did the right choice. Between the well known blogging platforms the blogger hosted by Google and the WordPress the self hosted blogger platform, each one has its own merits and demerits. 

For beginners blogger is the best way to start for learning what is blogging and how to write blog posts. For blogger platform no programming is needed, no hosting charges involved and self explanatory. You also have revenue resources like Ad sense and Amazon associates supported.

WordPress on the other hand is a powerful blogging arena for experts to create a brand name for their product and services. Wonderful themes associated and hundreds of self explained plugins there is no limit for a wonderful blog. is more powerful with a free hand for developers to implement what they want than 

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress – What is the content for Blogging? What do you expect from blogging? Why are you blogging? why people should come to your blog? what interest they have on your blog? These are billion dollar questions that need answers.  Then the amazing features of these Blog platforms come handy and helpful? 

I am still struck at these questions. Every day and every visit to other blogs confuses me more than clearing my doubts. This is because I still do not know what I want? Let me understand my objectives first and post again.