Which is the best Blogging Platform

I choose WordPress.com as my blogging platform and I do not know whether I did the right choice. Between the well known blogging platforms the blogger hosted by Google and the WordPress the self hosted blogger platform, each one has its own merits and demerits. 

For beginners blogger is the best way to start for learning what is blogging and how to write blog posts. For blogger platform no programming is needed, no hosting charges involved and self explanatory. You also have revenue resources like Ad sense and Amazon associates supported.

WordPress on the other hand is a powerful blogging arena for experts to create a brand name for their product and services. Wonderful themes associated and hundreds of self explained plugins there is no limit for a wonderful blog. WordPress.org is more powerful with a free hand for developers to implement what they want than WordPress.com. 

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress – What is the content for Blogging? What do you expect from blogging? Why are you blogging? why people should come to your blog? what interest they have on your blog? These are billion dollar questions that need answers.  Then the amazing features of these Blog platforms come handy and helpful? 

I am still struck at these questions. Every day and every visit to other blogs confuses me more than clearing my doubts. This is because I still do not know what I want? Let me understand my objectives first and post again. 


Do Follow Links – Web Site Promotion – Back Link Sources

As discussed in the previous topic ‘Useful information about website promotion let me give you some good leads on do follow back links for blogs.

Back links have gained popularity for Search Engine Ranking because back links are recognition by some websites the content of your webpage or your websites useful information. Search engines appreciate one way back links to reciprocal link building technique.

Then the question is why sites will give a back link to your content?

You have to contribute to their Web Pages   Normally powerful social networking sites are for enthusiast and for exchanging ideas, share experiences. They constantly ponder the internet for useful information of their interested topic. When you join those sites you get lot of information you require from those sites, blogs, forums and articles. I also got the inspiration for this article from those well designed archives.

Getting back links is tedious and you have to work hard. Remember nothing comes easily. Remember also

  • Not to go for auto submission techniques unless you study the provider and his offer
  • Do a research yourself before choosing a site for back linking.
  • Try to get links from high ranking websites with relevant content.
  • Do not try to get all the links in one day. May be it is considered spamming by search engines.

Here I will give some leads to do follow Social Network Links

  1. http://technorati.com/

You can add your website link in your bio data and claim your blog, I am doing a verification process of claiming my blog at Technorati as under. I have inserted the given token code 7V2GSVZCPA28 and publishing.

  1. http://youtube.com/

You tube is a the largest audio video community with watch and share technology. You can contribute your own audio and video and earn money as a member. A wonderful social networking site you can add your site URL in the profile.

  1. http://www.blogger.com/

If you have a Google account create a blog and the blog profile allows a back link to your website

  1. Digg.com

Digg is a place to share content from anywhere on the internet from large destinations to small blogs. Here you can create a link back to your website in the profile.

  1. Facebook.com

Face book another social network site that connects people. Include your web link here

  1. twitter.com

Whether it’s breaking news, a local traffic jam, a deal at your favorite shop or a funny pick-me-up from a friend, Twitter keeps you informed with what matters most to you today and helps you discover what might matter to you most tomorrow. Join and use your link in profile.

  1. http://www.stumbleupon.com/

A search site which links to other excellent websites of your interest. Just stumble upon and you discover amazing high quality websites. Join for free and link back to your site

LiveJournal is a diverse, global community where you can find friends who share your interests. Whether you want to keep a journal, meet people, or participate in lively discussions, it’s a fun, free way to expand your social horizons

  1. http://rateitall.com/

You can evaluate products and services. . You can view, share and add your version of it for any topic. You can get a back link when you join this free site.

  1. https://contributor.yahoo.com/

You can create articles and publish them for a payment. Two types of payments

  • Performance
  • Upfront

You can get a back link through the profile of you page. You can also go to these links for do follow link list

Pl. evaluates the content in the links given above for your self and takes a decision

Happy back linking

Back Links Explained

What is back link?

If you write an article to a  website like E zine Articles get published  and if your article links to your website  it  a back link to your site or blog. If the number of people read your article and click your website or blog link you get back link. But the article you write must be relevant to your blog or site and it must have high quality content for visitors to read.

What is the purpose of back links?

1. Back links will enhance the chances of generic page rank on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ).

2. Back Links will enhance direct traffic to your website by clicking the link.

But Google may not encourage article marketing for ranking if the content of the article  and.or the website where it is published is irrelevant to the content of your website. If you want to get professional back links consider the following points

Write content with the view of visitor but not for search engine.Read the content for yourself as a reader and confirm that the content is useful.forget search engine optimization or think that there is no search engine and develop content for pages.Remember search engine will not waste time ranking a non productive blog content/site content and if the back link source is not recognizable by search engine why a back link from that site? So search for productive websites, blogs, article sites, forums, social media for relevant topic of your blog or site and get back links. More back links are explained at http://globalinfoonline.com/backlinks.htm