Why Expert Designers will not explain Blog Design Techniques Straight?

How to Create a Successful Website? This has been the question unanswered or answered partially or answered but not understood in its true sense or a question without an answer.

All webmasters, bloggers must have done research or doing it to make a website or blog search engine friendly, popular and gets tons of traffic and back links and enjoys high rank by search engines. Those who succeed and knew the technique will not explain the path they have followed fully because no one likes spoon feeding. Like blind people trying to explain the elephant by sensing the parts individually, the SEO experts explain the ways to make a blog or site ‘top ranking’ in their own prospective. The explanations may be correct if the audience understand the situation under which the experts explain it.

Some article writers and SEO experts with their amazing skills of writing killer articles attract visitors and thus get huge traffic to their work and leave you without mentioning the path they have followed in totality and suddenly switch to selling their own product or service, without offering s possible solution.  This is my personal experience from last few years.

I have started finding my own ways to get a possible solution and this is my first step. If I find success all that follow this article can gain success in the same way.

What ever is mentioned by SEO gurus ultimately boils to two points to get search engine supreme..

  • Content rich web pages on the topics selected for blog or website
  • Getting popular one way  back links from similar sites or blogs

These two points are not as simple as written here but requires lot of in depth study. My request to all readers of this article is to contribute their experiences and straight forward answers and techniques they have adopted to make a blog or website search engine optimized.

I will keep on writing my views and techniques I have followed or following.


Ad Sense Vs Web Design

Every website wish to earn money though their webpages and many choose Ad Sense Network as their best choice. Ad Sense is so popular because

1. It recognizes page content and supply ads.

2. If a webpage search a for a keyword on a page it immediately displace related ad blocks  to that webpage.

3. It pays well

4. It is easy to install and monitor

There no substitute ad network that suits exactly Ad Sense.

But getting approved for an Ad Sense account is tough. Understand their policy and webmaster guide lines for a quality content pages  before applying for Ad Sense account. Here are few tips.

1. Ad Sense rejects pages on Forex

2. Pages that has only links that lead off site, are not going to be considered as content. 

3.  Ad Sense also no longer approves sites with a lot of SEO/Internet/Tech/etc. 


A better website

To develop a better website One must analyse the mistakes he made in his own development.

The mistakes I made in developing a website

1. Developing on too many keywords

2. Developing website on popular keywords like health,travel

3. Developing website on high paying keywords

4. Thinking that I have extensively used the keywords in my website. But too many keywords and very general website.

When I was reading my website content first time I felt it is extremely fine. When I read it for second time I the content did not attract me. After repeated reading I find my  website does not have content that attracts the visitors. Even if the website content is truthful and original, I find hundreds of other websites have the same content and the people who developed it are  authorized to produce that content – Like doctors and hospital professional developing health pages, travel enthusiasts developing travel pages.

From my experience I concluded that the best website should be

1. on one keyword

2. personal experience on the subject

3. subject in which most section of people are interested. Example: Instead of developing a webpage on diseases better develop pages on personal or gathered experiences on diseases from friends and relatives.

4.Now a days better a blog than a website or a website with blog pages included.