Health Issues – My Collected Information

Cancer , most heard killer disease. No cure if identified at a late stage. Cancer disease kills thousands of people in undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. Even in developed countries like USA cancer cases are plenty.

I had been to USA recently as a donor to my sister who suffered from Blood Cancer ( Myelogenous Leukemia ). She underwent chemotherapy till the time my stem cells are transplanted.  Though this blog article I want to bring awareness among people with regard to stem cell donor program.

I was also mentally reluctant  for stem cell donation till I went through the process. I felt extremely happy after the stem cells transplant. The process was simple and it saved a life.

My family were shocked when we heard that my sister is suffering from leukemia. Just few hours before she spoke to us and no such signs. She went with general pains all  over the body and thorough medical tests resulted in the deadly disease leukemia.

The hospital experts started chemotherapy foe 2 months and in the mean time my sister lost all her charm, lost heir,weight but she grew mentally strong. Mental strength and positive thinking will help patients a long way. The doctors at Hackensack suggested bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant for longer life.

At New Jersey they have started a campaign for bone marrow donor program with little success.  Many are reluctant and those who volunteered for swap test – the results did not match. Then they look around for siblings and I am informed to go for swap test.

When my swap samples matched hers the chief doctor was very happy but I am not fully convinced and worried about the consequences.

But after I met the team of doctors at the hospital I understand that

1. Bone Marrow transplant is a tedious process but Stem Cell transplant is fairly simple one. In stem cell transplant they collect the blood and through a process separate the stem cells and send the blood back into the donor body. It all will be in one sitting and for 4 to 5 hours.

The stem cells then will be transplanted into the patients  body.  The stem cell reach the bone marrow in a normal way and start producing blood cells. Before this stem cell transplant they do a final chemo and remove all cancerous cells from the body.  Now the new blood cells collected from donor will be cancer free cells and produce cancer free blood. That is all.


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