What is a Quality and Original Content?

I have started developing my website with an idea of giving information on  every topic under the shade of Internet. I wanted to earn substantial income through my website. I made enough search and decided that globalinfoonline is a good domain name and can cover all topics. I also decided that I must have niche keywords around which I should develop  webpages. Upon a search on keywords i concluded that settlements and Mesothelioma are high paying keywords by Google Ad sense and  health,travel, Forex,music and movies,online shopping are popular keywords around which internet spin around.

It is all true. But the fact is that hundreds of websites are already developed on Keywords like health,travel,online shopping, music and movies and they are all clinics,hospitals,tourist centers,travel agents and shopping mall owners. They will definitely have their own content to promote and they will have real time news to engage the visitors with.

Unless I give leads to their webpages or include their RSS feeds into my website I can not provide quality content. That means I am promoting their websites instead of mine.

Next important problem with content on topics like health. Any disease,the cause,cure and symptoms will be same on all professional websites and how I can I stand Unique?

I always doubt on the nature of Original Content? Is Original content means content written  by you in an organised way or the content with facts and figures. For example  the symptoms of diabetes whether I write or whether I copy from another website  must be same. Which is Original then?

There are all the problems I faced and still facing with regard to content?


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